Our mission is to help you achieve yours.

Inspire. Inform. Motivate. Educate. Challenge. Connect. Empower. Entertain.

Whatever your mission is, you have an important job to do! Your programs and exhibits touch countless lives, but are they achieving the results you want? Are they effective? How are they perceived? And how do audiences respond to the experiences you create? That’s where we come in.

Lifelong Learning Group helps organizations develop concepts, test ideas, understand the impact of their exhibits and programs, and build relationships within their communities. Through careful study of the learner, we help organizations create better experiences, build stronger relationships, and strive for continual improvement.

The chance to inspire lifelong learners is an incredible opportunity. Through thoughtful research and evaluation, we’ll help you make the most of it.

Service Offerings


Our team brings a wealth of expertise in studying informal education, from museums and libraries to online media. We provide rigorous evaluation services at all phases, customizing each project to meet your needs and budget. We bring expertise in qualitative and quantitative methods and a client-centered approach to our work.

Learning Research

Our researchers also regularly lead research studies that investigate critical issues in the informal learning field. Our team can lead conceptualization, design, and execution of all phases of research, from literature review and study design to analysis and dissemination of results that advance the field.

Facilitation and Project Planning

Many endeavors benefit from facilitation through strategic planning and alignment of goals, audiences, and outcomes. Whether for a program, a department, or an institution, we provide facilitation and planning services, including the development of logic models, competitive landscape analyses, and articulation of impact statements and indicators of success.

Capacity-Building and Support

Our experienced team can help your staff incorporate evaluative thinking techniques into their practice. We conduct workshops on evaluation skills, techniques, and tools customized to your context. We also provide one-on-one mentoring to increase your staff’s capacity to evaluate experiences.

Consulting and Advisement

Our team will provide critical review of materials, plans, and strategies. We offer clear recommendations based on research and evaluation, strategic priorities, and trends in the field that will help you advance programs, exhibits, and visitor-centered practices in your institution.

Proposal Development

Drawing upon extensive experience with funders, we will collaborate on the development of your proposal and create an evaluation or research plan to align with your program and fulfill funder requirements. We can assist in the development of supporting materials such as impact statements or logic models and provide critical review of your proposal.