Achieve greater impact through data-driven reflection and understanding.


We ask meaningful questions, conduct rigorous studies, and recommend evidence-based strategies that help informal learning organizations create innovative learning experiences.

Regardless of your experience with research and evaluation, the Lifelong Learning Group will meet you where you are and work with you every step of the way to demonstrate how the critical tools of evaluation can help you accomplish your mission.

Achieve Your Mission

Effective research and evaluation helps you achieve your mission by providing data and insight about learners that allow you to create richer experiences that are more relevant and accessible. Research and evaluation can shape project development, guide mid-course improvements, document your achievements for funders and stakeholders, and contribute important insights to the field.

Increase Institutional Capacity

Evaluative thinking is not just for evaluators. Engaging in the process of research and evaluation with our collaborative team supports organizational learning and increases your organization’s capacity to plan programs, make decisions, support strategy, and clearly describe your efforts and goals in a way that strengthens your position with communities and stakeholders.


Access Layers of Expertise

Our clients enjoy the added benefit of our unique partnership with the Center for Research and Evaluation, part of Columbus’s Center of Science and Industry (COSI). Through this partnership, we have continual access to a team of researchers who currently work within a museum, providing an invaluable “in-house” perspective and opportunities for collaboration and sharing of resources.